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There’s a hidden depth in every past lesson

Spiral Path

Man is a continual student. The day one declares,”I know everything” is the day he ceases to learn. Not even the monks can declare this, such is the wisdom of learning and the willingness to gain more knowledge is the key to success.

What we achieve in life is the path that was chosen for us to walk on. Road blocks, twists and turns included, the path is not a straight line – it’s not a winding road that you have left behind. Your life path is a spiral that brings you back from where you started, to reveal new perspectives of the same situations.

A kid may assume that the moon hides itself during the day, but one day, it wakes up to the knowledge that the earth is rotating on its own axis. Such is the power of knowledge, all encompassing, humbling and ever enlightening.

I have always believed in learning something new every year, and I usually enroll myself in a new course once a year. This puts me in a different perspective, especially when I am on the other side of the table, as a student, I get to learn and analyze topics in a wholesome way. It has been my endeavor to upgrade my knowledge consistently so that my keynotes and workshops become unique with every iteration. I read a lot, to keep learning from the wisdom that is readily available all around us, but not consumed enough.

By expanding my knowledge, I realize that what I already know gets a different flavor because I end up seeing it from a little higher than before.

“I know” is the most dangerous pair of words.

Empty your cup of knowledge, so that you can become wiser by learning more.




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