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Best Customized Motivational Team Building Workshops in India

When Shelley Singh of The Economic Times  asked Thomas T Yang, president, international of Callaway Golf Company regarding his marketing strategy for India; this was his response –

“Callaway is the only publicly-held company focussed on golf. For us, golf is the key, it’s the core. Our strategy for India will not change. We are going to establish Callaway as the premium brand in golf. We are the experts, the most knowledgeable, authentic and innovative golf brand.”

(Source – http:// articles.economictimes.indiatimes. com/2010-05-07/news/27567771_1_golf-courses-callaway-golf-golf-market)

In one of the fastest growing markets on the global golf landscapes, Callaway Golf India Private Limited, a sports goods company specialising in golf equipment and accessories, is aiming to become the number one player in the Indian golf market by 2012. Callaway Golf Company formally entered India in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary and has seen its market share zoom ever since.

So when they were looking for the best customized team-adhesive, the experts in golf found an international & cross-cultural alignment expert of choice -Simerjeet Singh!

Callaway Golf Company were looking for an innovative and inspiring team building experience for their newly forged team India. What they were looking for was an out of the box workshop that would not only bring the team closer together but also charge them up to conquer the Indian market. And Simerjeet and his team members at Cutting Edge Learning Systems, were able to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Watch what Callaway Golf India’s Country Head – Mr. Vivek Mehta and VP International HR Mr. Mark Nechita had to say about their experience – 

Before embarking on his motivational speaking and corporate training career,  Simerjeet had already worked in the US, UK, Dubai, Australia and India with more than 50 nationalities in the heat of some of the most competitive inter-team arenas!

He already (demonstrably) knew —-

1)      How to resolve or even abort conflict

2)      How to build TRUST — the golden intangible business capital

3)      Foster appreciation of DIVERSITY within a team

4)      How to build PASSION and FOCUS

5)      A team is stronger when members play to their DIFFERING strengths

A foray into an emerging and growing market like India comes with its challenges.

CRM (& distribution) of quality golf equipment in India is an unusual scene.

You would have a small H.O.

In some commercial capital, BUT the deliverables of distribution would be performed by a scattered agile army often thinly spread in Tier I, II and III towns with military bases OR sometimes rare, posh pockets and golf hubs like Bangalore, Chandigarh etc.

It is imperative that this scattered TEAM communicate & collaborate like a close-knit TEAM if they want to dominate the market in such conditions.

So here’s a brief about what happened on that exciting and fun-filled day of re-energizing, re-connecting and re-imagining!

Best Motivational Team Building

Right off the bat, Simer set out breaking & melting away all communicative ice!

After a few well-crafted experiential activities, not a soul in the session was in his/her Shell anymore!

That done, he next had to ensure that SHARING WAS PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE within the team!



Team Building Workshops

With his legendary touch, Simer yet again achieved an atmosphere of MUTUAL TRUST AND OPENNES in the room.

A factor that might have helped with that was the open but challenging OUTDOOR environment chosen for this day of collective self-discovery!

Watch what Mr.Mark Nechita, VP International HR of Callaway Golf Company, USA had to say about his experience – 


  •     What the team would carry off  is often what its WEAKEST LINK would not drop !
  •     “2” and “4” do not have to make “6”! With SYNERGY, they can make “8” or “16”!
  •     The price of excellence must be paid —- by ALL!
  •     They would NOT mind paying it ONCE THEIR visions Were Aligned With Each Other’s! !!
  •     ACTION reduces to MERE ACTIVITY  When not FOCUSSED

Team Building India


  •     Energized!
  •     Reconnected to their calling!
  •     With PLANS OF ACTION!
  •     As part of a HAPPY, FOCUSSED TEAM!

And we leave you with a powerful quote from the founder of Callaway Golf Company –

“I have yet to meet somebody who knows everything or anybody who knows nothing…the point is you can always learn.” 

Ely Callaway

Would you like to invite Simerjeet to your organization? Visit us at http:// http://www.simerjeetsingh. com for more details.


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