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Motivational Speaker in Dubai, UAE – A Credible & Dynamic Inspirational Speaker

Are your employees pepped up and enthusiastic about work?

Have you organized a leadership workshop for your top management executives recently?

Have you zeroed in on a keynote motivational speaker for your next business conference yet?

Do you want to arrange an exclusive in-house workshop on topics such as positive attitude, team building, and leadership?

If you are an organization based in the Middle East looking for a dynamic catalyst for motivating your employees or a motivational speaker in Dubai for your business events, then you are at the right place.

In the recent times, Simerjeet Singh has emerged as one of the most prominent motivational speakers in Dubai, UAE and the Gulf region. Over a period of 6+ years, Simerjeet Singh has conducted numerous workshops and spoken at conferences in Jordan, Oman, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Organizations in different industries from the Gulf region, such as the AlMajdouie Group in Saudi Arabia, Henkel GCC, Jawad Group Bahrain, nasair, Lulu Hypermarket Bahrain, Leaders Institute Bahrain, Tanweer Consultancy Jordan engage his services for interactive workshops, keynote speeches and corporate training events.

At home in Dubai

Simerjeet Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh

As a motivational speaker in Dubai, Simerjeet understands the uniqueness and diversity of the workforce in the Gulf region, especially Dubai, where he has lived and worked for almost a year.

Dubai is witness to a cocktail of cultures, and Simerjeet has been closely in touch with this intermingling of mindsets. He brings that knowledge into his workshops and events and is able to effortlessly connect with people because he understands their challenges.

Leadership Event in Dubai

Simerjeet’s Open Workshop on Leadership in Jordan

This was why Simerjeet’s open workshop on Leadership in Jordan found great acceptance. His tripod of facilitative leadership – Learn, Laugh and Connect has become the norm for aspiring leaders to capture a place in the hearts they are leading.

Whether his workshops are on Positive Attitude, Team Building, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Simerjeet Singh sets the stage on fire with the active engagement of his audience – which is why Simerjeet is the preferred and recommended motivational speaker in Dubai and the Gulf region.

AlMajdouie Saudi Arabia

AlMajdouie Group of Companies, Saudi Arabia

When the functional heads of AlMajdouie group of companies, Saudi Arabia invited leadership coach and motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh to facilitate a leadership workshop for their SPARK teams, what emerged out of the workshop was a confluence of rediscoveries – empowering the teams to think out of the box, ideate, and become better leaders through simplicity.

Nasair UAE Motivational Event

Nasair’s Annual Sales Conference in Ajman, UAE

Subsequently, in February 2013, at nasair’s annual sales conference in Ajman, UAE Simerjeet was invited to give a keynote speech to drive home the need for thinking differently and taking role ownership to attain their new organizational goals.

Fazal Muhammed, Director of Sales at nasair had commented about Simerjeet after the conference:

“During my sales conference held on 09/10 February in Ajman, I wanted someone who knew the turf (ME region) and who understood psych of the audience. After some research, the event organizers recommended Simerjeet Singh.It took me about 10 minutes to decide and hire him as a Motivational Speaker to pump up the power in the delegates.

I am glad, it was a right decision. The feedback was very positive from everyone one who heard him. Being young, the energy flow was at par with the recipients.

And the best part that everyone enjoyed is less of PowerPoint and more of personal talk. It was like a conversation rather then a speech that clicked. nasair is proud to have associated with Simerjeet Singh and look forward to availing his services again in the future”

Why Simerjeet?

Here’s a dynamic motivational speaker

Best Motivational Speaker

Dynamic Motivational Speaker – Simerjeet Singh

…who offers customized workshops because he believes each client is unique and hence, needs to be handled differently.

…who has worked with people of more than 50 nationalities in his career spanning a decade.

…who is a true people’s person – he understands you. Yes, you.

…who believes in two-way conversations. With Simerjeet at the helm, your conference is not merely a meeting but a confederation of thinking minds.

…who motivates you, not through text or talk, but by sharing his own experiences and extrapolating them with truly inspiring stories of successful people.

…who employs innovative methods, stories and thought-provoking questions to elicit self-realization in the audience.

…who lends the ‘human touch’ and becomes one with the audience.

Dubai Inspirational SpeakerHere’s one speaker who inspires you choose the path less trodden – and tells you how to stick on it.

About Simerjeet Singh

Motivational SpeakerFor the clients he has served all over the world, Simerjeet Singh comes into the picture as someone who challenges the status quo and coaches to move them to take action on the things that truly matter at work and in their personal lives. A certified NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach from UK, Simerjeet Singh has traveled the world, leaving his footprints across the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, inspiring and engaging people through his life lessons.

Having first been associated with the hospitality industry, Simerjeet worked for several big hospitality companies, before he moved on to respond to his true calling – to work towards the development of people and help them realize their true potential through motivational speeches and corporate training workshops.

The Human Touch

Best Inspirational Speaker DubaiSimerjeet Singh finds acceptance by one and all, because he adds a human touch to his talks and workshops that leaves an indelible impression in his audience’s minds. His workshops are dealt with at the basic human level, addressing the most cardinal issues faced by organizations today.  As a speaker, simplicity and clarity are his USPs.

He believes that ‘Every business is first a people’s business, be it pharma, IT or aerospace – we all cater to people first.And he is good with people. He inspires, engages and empowers people to achieve their personal and professional goals by questioning and analyzing their status quo in life.

Inspirational Speaker DubaiHe gives them an opportunity to bond, re-learn and re-think their existing strategies and commit to a new action plan.

You can experience his human touch by viewing the following videos:

Simerjeet using humour to drive home his message.

Simerjeet – The Tale Spinner who wins hearts

The Coach who challenges you with powerful questions – 

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring a whiff of fresh air to your conference…

Listen to him highlight soul-searching stuff that you forgot while pursuing deadlines and achieving targets

Learn how it’s the simpler things that matter and not the complex things that bring joy in life

Experience the joy of venturing out of the well to discover the ocean.

Welcome change into your personal and work life.

To wow your employees with exclusive in-house workshops in Dubai, UAE or book Simerjeet Singh to for your global events and conferences in Dubai, email us today at

Simerjeet’s Portfolio Images Credit – Best Photographer in Dubai UAE – Ravi Mansukhlal- http:// ravisfitoor. com


  1. Pamela

    Nice Photos Bro..You look really good. And your Motivational Videos are also awesome. I have watched your video about gratitude and liked it a lot.
    Thanks for sharing such inspirational videos.

  2. Muhammad Astufa

    Nice Videos of Motivational Speaker. Although, i am looking forward to watch a full session of yours. I am gonna try searching on YouTube. Hope i will find some good videos of you. In Today’s world the need of motivation and inspiration from external resources is increasing. The use of technology also made it a lot more convenience to find motivational content on the web. But, according to me, a real conversation with some great personality (whether he is a motivational speaker or just a successful person) is of great importance. Thanks a lot for sharing these videos.

  3. Abhishek Rana

    Nice to see these videos. You are great Sir. I wish and hope that someday I will see you live in some event in India. Please let me know if you are going to give any Motivational Speeches or Inspirational Lectures in India (Delhi Side) in coming days. I’ll be glad to listen to your Motivational lectures in home country. I am pretty sure that people of Dubai must have enjoyed your workshops.

    • Hi Abhishek, thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback for my work. It will be great to have people like you in my audience during motivational talks and workshops. I sure had a great time working with our clients in Dubai, UAE and as a motivational speaker it is always a matter of pride that one’s work is making a difference in the life of other people.
      Thanks again and Best Regards

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