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Art to a Beholder

“An unheard symphony isn’t a symphony; it is notes on paper.
Art doesn’t become art until it meets an audience.
Your goal as an artist is to make ART that moves the AUDIENCE of your choice.”
– Seth Godin in The Icarus Deception

American author of 18 best sellers Seth Godin puts it so simply – what is art if it has no audience? What is a symphony if it gets no ears?

What is beauty if there’s no eyes to admire it? Don’t they say, Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder?

As individuals, we all strive for those 9 seconds of fame – in school, we would eye the 1st three ranks, in college, we would eye the elections for Head Student, at office, we want recognition through the Pinnacle Award or Employee of the Year.

It is good to strive for the best for I believe we all are unique in our dispositions and each one of us has the potential to redefine the future.

What is missing here, is the other side of the coin. There can only be 3 contenders for the 3 ranks, what about the rest of them? There can only be one head student, one Pinnacle Award. What about others?

Does this mean that the rest of you have been branded mediocre? Absolutely not! This post is for YOU – all of you, who could not make it to THAT position, but have still made yourselves proud. It makes me sad to hear news of suicides that happen for silly reasons like not being able to stand first, not passing in a subject, etc. While we glorify the achievers, we forget to pat the backs of those who couldn’t make it to the coveted places, but who have put in equal efforts and have striven to be among the best.

Even Van Gogh’s paintings became master pieces only after his death.

Just one closing thought: YOU are good. Never lose sight of your hard work. External approval and fame does not make you any better or worse that what you yourself are. Have faith in yourself and remain motivated to become better than what you were yesterday.

You are only only competition.


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