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Corporate Team Building Workshops in India

Corporate Training

Experience is a comb that life delivers us after we have gone bald!

Blessed are the youth who get and take an opportunity to learn life’s lessons from collective experience in custom-made settings!

And what if –

You got that right at the threshold?

When you had stepped over – from engineering college – and just started your career?

What if —-Your first employer Samsung (India) Electronics Pvt. Ltd. welcomed you aboard with it?

Samsung Team Building Samsung Team Building

Samsung saw it work in 2010. (about 100 new hires participated)

So they decided to do it in 2011 as well. (about 200 new hires participate)

Entry-level induction programs go beyond technology updation / upskilling and mandatory downloads on company procedures & values. These values, though, remain at the core. Its just that ‘stick’ when they are practically & EXPERIENTIALLY received by the young employees!

Samsung have hit the right combination :—

Apart from the technical, the legal and the procedural; They get the right mix of TEAMWORK inputs, MOTIVATIONAL inputs & SAMSUNG VALUES  inputs

–          Mix of Simple classroom aids  (LCD projector, whiteboard, microphone …) And  Simple outdoor learning aids (ropes, balls, etc)

–          Hilly, rugged terrain – An outdoor retreat that is neither for royal vacations nor for survival training!

–          Great many ( Eg :- 110 in 2010, 200 in 2011) excited young engineers who

  1. Have had enough of preaching in a vacuum
  2. Seek clarity about what lies ahead in their lives.

Now, HOW DO YOU, in an age marked by e-profiles, e-friendships, e-learning & e-meetings, Learn to take the mask off and REACH OUT to communicate with PERSONS, NOT A/Cs / COLLEAGUES ???

And HOW DO YOU, When you are at the start of your career, Realize the roles of

  • People1
  • Excellence1
  • Change1
  • Integrity1
  • Co-prosperity1

(1Samsung values

In your career? (you have never seen one yet !)

And HOW, FOR THAT MATTER, DO YOU, Grasp the basic dynamics of TEAMWORK (When you have never been beyond your college teams ?)


Somebody has to be capable of making you EXPERIENCE these lessons by setting up relevant SIMULATIONS and TEAM GAMES, citing relevantly TAILORED EXAMPLES and INFECTING YOU with these vibes.

Yes, you need to EXPERIENCE these lessons to learn them as Teamwork and Team Bonding just like swimming cannot be learnt by just reading or listening about it.

Minus that, you shall surely learn your life-lessons anyways as ‘The comb of experience comes in its own time’ and Your “hair” recedes at its!

Enter Simerjeet and Tarveen Singh and the Cutting Edge India Team – Samsung India’s Go-To resource in India for just that…

As Simerjeet and Tarveen, like to put it, ‘Teams that play together tend to stay together!’ Now this can be critical for a newly minted team, where the ice has not yet thawed; where assumptions may hold greater power than understanding; where group thinking has yet to make the transition to Team Synergy.

Corporate Training India

They also feel that well facilitated team building retreats like these enable people to reach out from their cubicles renew their connections with their colleagues and get to know the people at a deeper level which in turn translate to better inter-personal relationships at work.

Is the reader curious to view the evidence?

The following brief lines have been videographed… Straight from the “horses’ mouths” !


Participant Feedback – 2010

Participant Feedback – 2011

Take Away List by one participant –



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