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Children rejoice in their calling…

Motivation For Children

“By the way, how many of you came in today expecting a boring lecture?”

Simerjeet asked the sea of brightly beaming teenage faces!

Out of three hundred, almost everyone said they had!


The University of Malta, joining hands with the Bal Bharti Public School, New Delhi, had organized a self-discovery event for students and their counsellors.

Around 30 leading schools in the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region in India) sent in roughly ten attendees each.



According to Simerjeet it’s because so many young minds are too focused on what’s missing that they fail to recognize, appreciate and nurture what is already there. He believes that every child has the potential to lead a fulfilling and successful life and that can be achieved not by following the herd or by giving in to peer pressure but by recognizing, appreciating and nurturing what already lies hidden inside.

Okay, let’s take a look at what dictates our career choices?????

–          VISIBLE Opportunities

–          TRENDS

–          What they’re all doing

–          Our peers / families

–          Limitations we think we have

–          Shining symbols of status

–          Fear

–          Starting Circumstances

–          What comes to us on a plate!

–          What refuses to come on a plate & lures us with PRESTIGIOUS DIFFICULTY

–          Universities and our education system

Alas ! Anything extraneous is granted a right to be one of the factors,

But We ourselves, —- anything internal to us —- are not !

And once we make the wrong career choices, it becomes difficult (though not impossible) to set things right.

This is exactly what this interactive session with India’s leading Youth Motivational Speaker and Life coach aimed at addressing. Helping young students to discover, appreciate and nurture their strengths and to make the right career choices to capitalize on their strengths.

Michelangelo’s Father had put his foot down — –

“I shall not have my son becoming a ‘stone-mason’”


Michelangelo followed his heart and MENTALLY SCULPTED HIS OWN LIFE-IDENTITY AS WELL!

FORTUNATELY ALSO – Prime Minister lal Bahadur Shastri never let his humble beginnings convince him he could not lead the rest of us!


Sachin Tendulkar wasted no time bothering with tons of insistence that he pursue graduation!

Bal Bharti Media Coverage

AND – –

When it comes to finding your passion and following your dreams, Simerjeet does walk the talk. Simerjeet Singh ( now considered as one of Asia’s leading professional motivational speakers; first spent about a decade in an international hotel management career; then QUIT THAT SOARING CAREER TO DO WHAT HE LOVED  -EMPOWERING People From within!!!!


  • How am I unique ? – Children were enthralled as they were led on a Journey to the cores of their beings —— Imagine 300 attendees being able to start a journey within to discover and appreciate their uniqueness!
  •     Calling — Based on the above, What profession or business should I aim for ??? (better to choose BEFOREHAND than to know what you should have done AFTER getting stuck somewhere else)! As Steve Jobs said “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become”

AND Based on the above,— One thing just had to go —- the POISON OF SELF-DEFEATING COMPARISONS!

The ESSENCE of this interactive workshop can be captured by one powerful quotation by American Author, Philosopher, Theologian and Educator Howard Thurman

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Bottom line-

Having trooped in with heads hanging – To sit through a boring lecture – this eager crowd of over 300 young minds loved this session and had loads of questions for Simerjeet. These children Continue to STAY IN TOUCH (by choice) YEARS AFTER THE EVENT!

We guess they are still CELEBRATING LIFE!

Motivational Speaker Testimony

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  1. Awesome!!! Imagine every child in there was lucky to be a part of this event – as it is just THAT amount of right perspective on life that moulds a young mind correctly and helps them understand that what lies within is what is more important and not what is all around oneself. A child that is just about able to cope up, is also as special as the child who has topped. And life treats all equally. That is something which is the most basic of all facts.
    Kudos to you, Simerjeet, that you inspired these young and pure souls. May you touch many more lives..!! I especially like this small world that you used in your title – “calling”. It’s powerful word.

  2. Thanks Punam!! It was a great experience working with these kids! Sometimes I feel that the right inputs coming at the right time can really make a big impact on young minds… Thanks for your encouragement always!

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