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The Glass Half – Full

The positive side

Being positive is just a change of perspective. The oft-repeated and perhaps much used and abused tale of the glass half full has another wonderful version.

One that hasn’t been spoken of. It is about a glass completely filled – so much so that there is no space for more. What does this mean?

It is very simple – one who sees a glass half full – is a positive person, who always sees the best in worst. But one who always keeps his/her glass full is not a learner anymore. Emptying the glass allows for more to come. And that simply means, once every while, it’s important to empty your cup so that you can learn more.

This twist in the tale is an interesting one – for it attacks the human ego and advises one to never feel that one knows everything. We are eternal students.

My doctor friend has a PhD in Psychology, but she still holds the yearning to learn more. She never allowed her achievements to takeover her ego. This is why she is today building an automated system for clinical prescriptions that will change the way psychologists and psychiatrists prescribe medication/therapy.

I make it a point to take up a new course every year so that my vision broadens and adds to my perspective. Sometimes, something as trivial as a chance meeting in a flight can help you learn life’s lessons. My workshops and keynotes are delivered with the new insights I learn every day of my life.

Always, empty your cup and make space for more.

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