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I am proud of Me

Proud of Me

In our daily struggles, we often forget to pat our backs and appreciate ourselves for all the hard work that we have put in, irrespective of the outcome. The destination is yet to come, but the journey has progressed. One of the most important things in life is to appreciate that journey – those steps that we took to reach where we are today, even if it is not yet the intended destination.

Life, as the above quote aptly states, is not just about an end goal. It is also those twists and turns that make up the entire pathway to the goal.

What we don’t realize is that growth doesn’t have to be linear – a straight line upwards. As we move along, even half a step is progress. The idea is to move. With every move, one adds to one’s learning – one becomes wiser.

So take an oath today, to appreciate yourself.

Tell yourself, “I am proud of the Me I am today, for the Me I am today is wiser than the Me I was yesterday.

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