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Waking up to motivation: City of Pearls, Hyderabad

Keynote Speaker Simerjeet in Hyderabad My quest to make a difference in the lives of people by assisting them to identify their best traits and reach their best potential has taken me to places far and wide. I have traveled the Middle East, UK, and South East Asia and conducted hundreds of events and workshops successfully, leaving in my wake, inspired and motivated people who have expressed their gratitude here and here.

One such quest took me to the City of Pearls, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad offered me some of my biggest clients, Vodafone AP Circle Meet being one of the largest audiences I had ever addressed in the early part of my journey as a motivational speaker. My motivational speech for this enthusiastic crowd of over a 1000 Vodafone associates at the Novotel Convention Centre became one of my primary early successes and since then I have worked with all the major circles of Vodafone India.

I have also conducted successful leadership workshops and motivational talks for clients such as HP and Novartis Pharma. The management of Kantar TNS India Pvt. Ltd. engaged me for workshops for their next two managerial tiers in the hierarchy after the leadership keynote I gave at their annual retreat in Goa on the concept of culture building in today’s technologically shrunken world became a hit with the leaders.

Hyderabad Convention Center Motivational Talk for Vodafone Hyderabad Hyderabad, synonymous with ‘Biryani’ and ‘Irani Chai’, is a paradise of foodies. While I had my fill of the scrumptious dine scene of the city, I did take some time out to sight-see and I wasn’t really surprised to see a large crowd of people outside the famous Paradise biryani restaurant.

My evening walk took me around some of the best architectures that were built into IT parks. Google’s huge sprawling campus amazed me, and I could see the pace of economic activity that Hyderabad was picking up.

On the contrary, the old city reflected a history that spoke about the rule of the Nizams and the Mughals. An aroma of spicy feelings (pun intended) enveloped me as I entered its interiors. Every where that you see, the High Court, the Charminar, the old dilapidated National Hotel and the Golconda Fort scream vintage architecture and take you back to the heritage of the British times.

Motivational Talk for Novartis Hyderabad As I end this note, I leave you with a couple of playlists that have some excerpts from my live sessions and some testimonials.

To consult with me on a customized leadership workshop or an inspirational keynote for your organization, you can email me at or visit my website.

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