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Project Bahrain: Golden Memories

One of the countries that I love being invited to as a speaker and motivational coach, is the Kingdom of Bahrain. As royal as its name, Bahrain has been a great factor of excitement and fulfillment for me as a coach.

My first workshop in the Kingdom of Bahrain (and probably one of the first in the Gulf Region) for the E Kanoo Group was arranged seven years ago by Leaders Institute for Training and Development, a primary partner of my services in the Middle East and Gulf countries. Led by Mr. Ghalib, Leaders Bahrain is one of the top most training companies in the geography, bringing several globally renowned leadership coaches and motivational speakers into Bahrain. There has been no looking back since then.

Accelerating Growth Bahrain Poster

My most recent motivational seminar was in March this year, on Accelerating Growth, and received a huge response from the kind people of Bahrain. Bahrainis have a great desire to learn, and adapt to a changing world. All my speeches in Bahrain have seen packed conference rooms and auditoriums.

Lulu Hypermarket and The Jawad Group are some of the organizations in the Kingdom that have invited me to train their associates and conduct workshops for managers and leaders. A frequent invitee to the Gulf regions, I have studied and understood the intricacies of the Arab culture very deeply. As a motivational speaker who customizes each keynote and workshop according to the cultural sensitivities and diversity of various audiences, I found it an exciting challenge to address exactly those matters that the lovely people of Bahrain had difficulty facing, in their professional areas.

Selfie with Leaders Bahrain

Leaders Training Company Bahrain – #Selfie with the Management

What impressed me most is the friendly nature of the people of Bahrain, and I felt right at home, whether I was in a hotel, giving a keynote, or in a mall, shopping for my family.

More so, I have found some unique things even in their professional culture. That said, Bahrainis value punctuality and I was glad to see that all my students were present at the venue well in time.

Follow the link to read the news article of my latest leadership workshop in Bahrain, which touched on topics like understanding what the changes happening across the business world mean to businessmen, executives, business development managers, as well as sales, marketing and customer service staff. I also spoke about how to adapt to this shift without much resistance to change.

Here’s a snapshot of the latest news coverage in the region on the workshop that I conducted on “Accelerating Growth” and “Adapting to Change”.

And some testimonials from the Gulf region.

And while in Bahrain, of course, I did make some time to soak into its glamour. The best place to experience Arab culture in its grandeur, Bahrain offers the freedom and liberty of Dubai, and the ‘nazaaqat’ of its ethnicity.

Lunch with clients in Bahrain

with Mr. Ghaleb Al-Oraibi, Managing Director, Leaders Bahrain, Mr. Juzer Rupawala, Country Head, Lulu Hypermarkets Bahrain and Mrs. Rupawala

Extremely modern highway infrastructure and modern architecture can be seen across the kingdom, especially when driving through the King Fahd Causeway that connects the kingdom to Saudi Arabia.

Every time I bid farewell to the beautiful Kingdom, all my thoughts are focused on “When would my next assignment bring me back?”

That said, if you’d like to invite me for a keynote or motivational talk in your organization, drop in a note at

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