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What makes Professors Inspiring?

Most of my motivational workshops for teachers stress on the fact that since the world as we know it has changed, therefore our approach towards teaching is due for a major overhaul too. Its appalling that we continue to operate from an Industrial Age mindset while preparing students for the ever changing Information Age (or whatever Age it will be when these students graduate and enter the job markets).

There is currently a huge gap between the kind of education students want (and deserve) and what is being offered by our outdated systems. Student disengagement is phenomenon that every teacher is struggling to deal with.

Technology alone does not have all the answers, what we need is teachers and professors who can inspire, coach, mentor and facilitate learning.

Álvaro González-Alorda has beautifully captured in this presentation what it takes to be an inspiring professor – 

(Credit – Álvaro González-Alorda) 

Álvaro González-Alorda ( is co-founder and partner of EMERGAP, a consulting firm specialized in innovation in emerging markets. He is a specialist in innovation and in change management. He has collaborated with more than 100 companies in 20 countries. He is a professor at ISEM Fashion Business School, an associate professor at Instituto de Empresa and a visiting professor at INALDE and IEEM, among other business schools. He studied at the University of Navarra and at IESE Business School, and completed a period of research at Harvard Business School.

Cover Image Credit – CollegeDegrees360 on Flickr

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