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What’s your excuse?

If you’re one among the ‘What difference does it make?’ crowd and feel that Elections and Voting are a waste of your precious time and you’d rather be spending your time on more rewarding activities such as watching Ragini MMS2, here’s a scenario to help you put things in perspective –

As India gears up for the largest democratic election in the history of this planet (its 2014 General Election – 814 million eligible voters) in the next few weeks with parties spending billions of dollars (second only the US of A) to grab your attention; a totalitarian regime thousands of miles away just finished with their ‘elections’.

‘Fatherland’ North Korea, presented ‘voters’ a single candidate per district with only one box to tick on the ballot paper! Polling booths provided no secrecy and dissenting votes are put in separate box (for ‘government’ follow up later on!).

Abstaining from elections or voting ‘NO’ in North Korea would qualify as a ‘dangerous act of treason’ (so that makes it a much riskier option than cheering for the Pakistani Cricket Team in UP!) No, you wouldn’t dare skipping voting and watching Ragini MMS 2 in North Korea! Now that’s called motivation by fear of persecution!

(Facts adapted from – 

It is no surprise therefore that “North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was elected to the highest legislative body without a single dissenting vote against in his district on a 100% turnout. There was no one else on the ballot.”

(Source – 

“Elected”!!! Thank God I wasn’t born in North Korea!

I know that things are not perfect here in India. But guys, it will take time to clean up the mess that our apathy has created. And this clean-up cannot happen without you.

So, pick your candidate and your party wisely or go press NOTA and let them know that you want better options next time.

If 97 year young Mr. Negi can vote, what could possibly be your excuse?

#PledgeToVote with Mr. Shyam Negi – Video Credit  Google India

I’d like to sign off by saying that ‘Democracy works only when people participate.’ 

Happy Elections and Jai Hind!

Your friendly neighborhood Motivation Man,

Simerjeet Singh


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