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Everyday Miracles

Hidden deep inside the immensity of Mother Nature are innumerable powerful life lessons. Lessons that we often tend to overlook because we are so busy checking off things on our to-do lists or trying to make everything perfect. Meanwhile, the universe quietly goes about its business – making this planet swirl and rotate; creating and destroying planets, stars and galaxies and it does all this effortlessly while we are busy striving and making things happen.

We forget how trivial we humans are in this grand scheme of things; chasing our ‘stuff’ while the Universe moves around planets and creates stars without fuss. Our exaggerated sense of self-importance and our inability to tune in to the world around us is the source of our misery and anxiety. We’re in such a big rush as if the whole purpose of life was to get things done. while we postpone “living” (which becomes a constantly shifting target!)

Albert Einstein once wrote “The are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle and the second is as if everything is a miracle”

The inspiration behind this blog post is one such everyday “miracle” (is there something called an everyday miracle? after all miracles are not supposed to happen everyday, are they?) observed in the space of just 7 days –

This image was taken on the 14th of March 2014

Everyday Miracles

How lonely our little green friend might be…

and the “miracle” happened on the 21st of March –

Everyday Transformations

7 days and boom! Transformation!

Wait a minute, you might be thinking, that’s not a miracle, Simerjeet; that’s called Spring! And while I will agree with your definition of this ‘miracle’ but in the same breath I’ll also ask you: When did you last pause and absorb this miracle? When did the Universe last inspire you? When did something so ordinary as Spring fill you up with joy and possibilities and inspiration? When did you last listen to the whispers of the Universe?

The first picture I took on the 14th of March was to capture the courage of the few green leaves that had sprung forth in a forest of bald, dry poplars. In this picture, the Universe speaks to me about hope, courage, grit and optimism. Sometimes the circumstances of our life resemble the first image (or are even worse). The frustrating evidence is all around us YET deep within are also the tender and frail shoots of hope, eager to prove us wrong. Don’t loose HOPE. At the very moment that you might be giving up on life, the Universe might be preparing to prove you wrong. To open doors for you where none existed. Don’t give up…

The second picture (taken on the 21st of March) was to capture the power and effortlessness of the transformation that unfolded in 7 ordinary days; right before my eyes. A miracle I could have easily missed (and perhaps I often do). In this picture, the Universe speaks to me about patience and faith. PATIENCE to allow the seeds of my efforts to germinate. Patience to nurture what I’ve sown. Patience to understand that nine women together cannot give birth to a baby in one month! And FAITH to believe that things will work out eventually. Or maybe everything is already perfect as expressed in the powerful words of Lao Tzu “The Tao does nothing and leaves nothing undone”. 

So my friends, a thousand books, lectures and motivational speakers cannot capture the inspiration that ONE such everyday miracle has to offer. Why then the elusive search for inspiration in the self-help aisles of bookstores; when the answers are all around you, whispered quietly for the careful listener.

Take a break from the treadmill of getting things done and inhale the effortlessness of the Universe. There’s valuable lessons to be learnt here.

Your Friend and Coach

Simerjeet Singh


(I would love to hear YOUR interpretations of these images. Also, please do share your “Everyday Miracles” in the comments.)

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  1. Absolutely!! And my life is filled with evidences of the existence of the Law of Attraction and positivity around me. The very fact that we believe brings us to the same people who also believe. And thus, what we believe gets amplified seeing their success with the same laws, and vice versa. The virtue of patience is always there in nature for us to see and learn. Do we pause and see? Do we contemplate and learn from it?
    For me, a baby is an everyday miracle. Seeing her grow every day, one bit by bit, learning to recognize things and people around her, even before she can talk, is a miracle in itself.

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