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Motivational Speakers in Bangalore – Profile and Topics

Motivational Speaker SimerjeetFrom UK to India, what brought life coach and motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh back to his home country was a desire – that he calls the inner calling, to reach out to individuals and empower them to realize the true potential hidden within their being.

International keynote speaker Simerjeet Singh has spent the last decade traveling around the world, across the Middle East, UK, Asia Pacific, Australia and Europe, addressing varied corporate audiences on unique concepts pertaining to peak performance, inspirational leadership and team building.

At home in India, Simerjeet has extensively catered to the Bangalore-based audiences in terms of inspiring keynote speeches and engaging workshops that concentrate on building leadership skills, inter-personal relationships at work, working within teams, career development and above all, a positive attitude.

Motivational Session in Bangalore

As an IT hub, Bangalore boasts of a rich amalgamation of diverse cultures akin to the other four metro cities of India. Professionals from almost every state of India and several countries abroad have made Bangalore a second home, leaving families and lives elsewhere. The Bangalore audience needs a different treatment. And Simerjeet understands that, for his global experience has brought in him, an adeptness to gauge the audience’s needs and adapt his talks especially for them. Watch what our clients in India have to say –

Simerjeet Singh conducts leadership development workshops, Motivational keynote speeches for his corporate clients and guest lectures for educational institutes addressing each audience with customized programs that resonate deeply, with the real life issues faced by the target audiences.

Simerjeet Singh Speaking

Not only is he well-informed and rich with life’s lessons, Simerjeet also has a strong backing of his own life story that proudly resonates the ‘pleasant consequences’ of having followed the call of his heart – that led him to abandon a high-flying career in hotel management and take up coaching, training and public speaking as a full-fledged career.

Big corporate giants and educational institutions in Bangalore, including SKF, Ericsson, Novartis, CMS – Jain University, Lenovo, TataSky, Causeway UK and the India R&D center of a leading global chip manufacturer, realized and witnessed the value of the void filled in by Simerjeet Singh when they chose him to be the preferred speaker at their corporate events, and appointed him to instill leadership capabilities and boost the morale of their workforce and students. From Financial Controllers Meet to Orientation Speeches for college freshmen, for audience size of 30 to 3,000 Simerjeet knows how to inspire his audience.

Inspirational Sessions

In Bangalore, Alila Hotels Singapore had engaged Simerjeet to conduct a leadership workshop for their Annual International Meet, during which, Simerjeet, employing interactive activities and role plays, triggered off the process of self exploration and introspection among the financial controllers.

Simerjeet has also catered to the Learning and Education sector, having taken orientation programs for young MBA graduates in Bangalore. His seminar at the Center for Management Studies in Jain University kindred to the explorer spirits of MBA and BBA students, who lapped up Simerjeet’s thought leadership views with great gusto.

Why should you book Simerjeet to speak at your next event?

Motivational Talk

Customized workshops because he believes each client is unique and hence, needs to be handled differently.

Two-way conversations – Talk to him. He wants you to add.

Real life experiences, real life examples, real life heroes, real lessons to learn.

Innovative methods, stories and thought-provoking questions.

Feel oneness and equity in his presence.The stage is just a metaphor.

He leaves you with questions that turn solutions to the road blocks in your life.

Simerjeet at Vodafone

About Simerjeet Singh

Delivering His TalkA certified NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach from UK, he has traveled the world, leaving his footprints across the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, inspiring and engaging people through his life lessons.

Having first been associated with the hospitality industry, Simerjeet worked for several big hospitality companies before he moved on to respond to his true calling – to work towards the development of people and help them realize their true potential through his keynote speeches, motivational talks and workshops.

Watch him share the defining moments of his life in this video –

View detailed profile and speaking portfolio –

To wow your employees with exclusive in-house workshops or book Simerjeet Singh as a motivational speaker for your next event or conference in Bangalore write to us today at info@simerjeetsingh. com

For additional details visit our website – http:// www. simerjeetsingh. com


  1. Motivational Speakers India

    Simerjeet Singh is one of the best renowned International motivational and keynote speakers in India. His motivational talks are really inspiring for many people.

  2. Simerjeet Singh is one of the most effective international motivational speakers in India. I attended his corporate presentation in Bangalore India and ever since I am his big fan. All the best Mr. Singh.

    • Thanks a lot Krimul. Bangalore is one of my favorite destinations in India. The city is witnessing huge growth right now and is the hub of Indian and Global R&D. You get to meet some great talented people there. Thanks again!

  3. hajira

    hi simerjeet.i am planning to start conducting seminars as my i have to get any things certified.please give me the details and requirements to start my career in this proffession.

    • Hello there! I don’t think there any specific requirements or entry criteria for becoming a motivational speaker although courses such as NLP, Life Coaching certifications etc help a lot in understanding human psychology. In my opinion, one needs to be a very good observer (you can get a lot of material just observing people and everyday situations) and one needs to be driven by a passion to uplift others. If you’ve got those 2 vital ingredients, most of the remaining stuff falls into place. Good luck with your seminars!


    I want to be come a motivational speaker , how & where to start ,plz help me out. At present I am working as teacher. What business model should I need. I need to support my family too. A monthly 8000 to 10000 is my target . plz do show me a way.

    • Dear Mr. Killedar,
      The world needs more people like you who are ready to follow their inner voice and pursue their dreams. Becoming a motivational speaker in India is an exciting opportunity right now because of the huge potential in this country. My suggestion to you is to start small, start with what’s available and gradually build your profile over a period of time. The financial target you have mentioned is easily achievable and good speakers in this country charge anywhere between 50,000 to 5 lacs per event. So sky is the limit! But it is not an easy journey. It’s not for everyone. Good luck!

    • Dear Mr. Sawant, Thank you for taking out the time to share your views. Whether in Bangalore or elsewhere across India, all of Mr. Singh’s motivational keynotes and workshops aim to motivate using real life examples and analogies. As a motivational speaker, it is his passion to simplify difficult concepts for his audience so that the content resonates with them. For more information about his methodology, please visit

  5. Adhi raja

    Hi sir, i’m adhiraja.iam studying MBA final year at HINDUSTHAN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY AT COIMBATORE, TAMILNADU.We are contected with National Conference in Management Day in Feb 21st 2018.We are interested in your participation of our national conference.I see the your details and information and your performence is very well sir .So we are need your participation.Ther is a one day program,please your suggestion and how much for your fees details send me sir.Thankyou

  6. Hey,
    Things which are mentioned in this life-changing motivational guide I got many useful things such as how I should implement the things, what are the things which can be useful and many other. Thanks for the life-changing guide.

    Thanks & Regards
    Amaresh Jha

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