International Motivational Speaker Simerjeet' Singh's Blog

Motivational Speakers in Bangalore – Video Previews

A dynamic catalyst for motivating employees, students and delegates, organizations choose Simerjeet for his innovative, two-way dialogue that engages the audience right from the start.

His style is not only educative, but also interactive.

And most of all, the fun element is the foundation of all his talks. 

Each speech has a unique goal but every interaction-based session is modulated on the noble premise of giving the human mind a gentle shake-up to rethink the life that it is leading, and to pack value in day to day life actions by merely living consciously. 

As a motivational speaker, Simerjeet Singh recognizes the need to address the emptiness common in today’s professionals who work day in and day out for 5 days a week and spent the major part of the weekends asleep for long hours. 

He inspires, engages and empowers people to achieve their personal and professional goals by questioning and analyzing their status quo in life.

To know more about Simerjeet’s work in Bangalore as a Motivational Speaker, please visit our interactive website – 

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