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Identifying, building and nurturing future leaders

The best part about my chosen profession (as a Business Motivational Speaker or as a Youth Motivational Speaker / Youth Coach ) is the opportunities that open up for me in line with my true calling – to help people identify and utilize their true potential. This August, I had the privilege of speaking at the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium that was conducted in the Philippines at the grand Philippine International Convention Center in Manila.Building Future Leaders

I was invited to address the delegates on how they can use their God-given talents to their maximum potential. I was one of the eight speakers that addressed the future leaders, motivating and empowering them to pursue their causes and help change the world.

I believe that One Love and One Heart is the only way to change the world for a better place. The theme of the symposium rested on ‘Shared Moments, Shared Lives’. The University Scholars Leadership Program invites youth on a five-day training program to introduce, enable and empower them with leadership and motivational training to pursue and sustain their humanitarian causes with passion, knowledge and perseverance.

The symposium was centered upon the idea of brainstorming how best to bring change among the impoverished societies by the use of education to raise the bar of literacy.Building Future Leaders

The event, covered by the BBC World News, gathered high levels of current with the presence of over 700 delegates from 45 countries from across the world. It is very rare that an international event garners the attendance of a multi-cultural audience and an international diversity as varied as this one – so this set the stage for a highly potent gathering that was expected to result in some workable practical ideas for social change.

It was also an opportunity for me to interact with the best humanitarians of the world (my co-speakers) and these students were ‘can-doers’ who very seriously wanted to contribute to the society.

The brainstorming that followed was pregnant with meaning, compassion and the single goal of mobilising change. As an international youth motivational speaker and youth leadership coach addressing the audience of this stature and inspiring the future leaders who have travelled from far and wide to be a part of the symposium was an opportunity that I was looking forward to. My speech titled ‘Together, we are the Change’ was the finale of the event, and I grabbed at the chance to leave some pertinent questions in the minds of the delegates post my talk.

If there is any message that needs to be heard by every single earthling, it is that the world needs your hand. Social change happens when we become the change we want to see in the world. I believe we are the change and until we all don’t believe it, we will keep justifying.

Each of the delegates attended the symposium in anticipation of learning something relevant to their society, as youth motivational speakers, workshop trainers and humanitarian speakers from across the world shared with them insights on how they could bring social change by adopting the thoughts and mannerisms of the winning lot.Identifying Leadership

Along with me, the stage was shared by expert panel of speakers including key note speaker Senator Bam Aquino from the Philippines, motivational speaker Pamela Wigglesworth from Singapore, humanitarian speakers like Peters Baines from Australia, Pushpa Basnet from Nepal and Robin Lim from Bali and three workshop trainers from south-east Asia.

Although each one of the speakers are achievers in their own right, the cause of Pushpa Basnet, who works for the uplift of children living behind bars with their imprisoned parents, as well as the cause of Ibu Robin Lim, who has uplifted the lives of pregnant mothers in Indonesia by providing them midwife services for nominal or no cost, and training midwives in Bali are worth a special mention. These CNN Heroes of the Years 2012 and 2011 respectively have dedicated their lives to the cause of helping others. Since Ibu Lim’s talk was just before mine and I got the opportunity to listen to what she had to say and my mind was brimming with ideas to connect my talk with hers.

My speech formed the finale of the five day event. I spoke about how one can walk on the path of achieving one’s dreams urging this young audience to rethink the worldly definition of success – money + fame + power, as inconsequential or not so fulfilling as joy, fulfilment and happiness.

In a world that is marred by the ‘word-centeredness’ of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, where words and inspiring quotations are exchanged by means of ‘share’ and ‘like’ even before one has had the chance to grasp the real meaning of them, I strongly believe action to be the only saviour. So it is important for young, aspiring leaders to reach out and experience the world beyond the screens of their smartphones. 

It’s not by how many words you promise to do, but how many steps you take to do what you have promised that change becomes possible. Together, we are the change.

For me, it was very important to share this simple message with my audience that we all often overlook – We all are special. It is very important to understand that we have so much unused potential which could be directed towards changing the world and making it a liveable place for everyone. Most of us have not even unwrapped the God-given gifts we were born with. As each drop of water makes an ocean, so also, does each one of us have the capacity and the moral obligation to take that one step towards The Noble Goal. Every little step will make a difference.

While sharing my life story, I recounted how money, fame and success could not succeed in giving me a peaceful night’s sleep. Instead, I felt a soul-stirring need to find a sense of meaning in my life. In spite of tasting success as a young hotelier, I seemed to be more restless than happy, thinking my true calling was not money, neither was it fame, unless it made an unconditional difference in somebody’s life. This prompted me to pursue that ‘extra’ element that was attainable only if I could trick myself out of the inconsequential corporate trap. In this video, I recall the 2 Questions that sent me on a Quest –

And so, today, I am meeting people of different diversities, from Dubai to Delhi to Singapore. motivating them to do what they have come to do to the best that they can, training them to use their God-given faculties to the maximum potential and leaving an imprint in their minds and hearts to do “that much more”, that one step that would make all the difference. The poor man’s Messiah Mother Teresa aptly said,

“If we truly want peace in the world, let us begin by loving one another in our own families.”

And we are all one single family – one world. How does one love everyone as one’s own? No one sets out to be a CNN Hero of the Year. When you love unconditionally and you give and serve unconditionally; fame, success and recognition are just the side effect. Like Pushpa Basnet and Ibu Robin.

I encouraged the audience . It is very important to take charge of your life, discover your strengths, and direct them towards the right direction.

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”

Thus quoting Jim Rohn, my parting shot that stayed with the delegates as they left for their respective countries, was to cease talking and start doing. Walk the Talk. Keep your promises. Start small, no matter how small. Volunteer in your community. Educate a poor child. Donate spectacles. Lend a hand to the aged lady. Help her cross the road. Don’t just tweet, take action!

To discover how I can contribute to your organization, do write to me at or visit my website –

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  1. subhadip saha

    sir i am a newly reader of ur blog and i am trully inspired by ur thoughts…sir i am from a small village of west bengal for some of my personal problem i am failled in my graduation and after looseing my 3 yrs in bsc i chenge my stream bsc to english honers..and i am really happy now but my past affears cant make me concentred in my present life..i am very much tenced bouse i allready lost my 3 most valouable years for her and iff this was happend with me again then my aducation life will be destroyed very what can i avoid her memories..plz gave me the write way by witch i came from it..ur faithfully subhadip

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