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Research by RTI International (on mother-tongue based education – MTB) suggests that learning outcomes are improved and people correlate more when spoken to in their native language. Simerjeet utilises this fact to drive home the best takeaways in Hindi whenever he is addressing an Indian audience. Here’s an international speaker who simplifies cutting edge ideas and inspiration to appeal to a vast array of audiences. Know more by visiting his website –

Sales Motivational Keynote Speech in Hindi – 

Strategy Conference Keynote Speech (with Indian Audience)- 

 Leadership Keynote in Hindi and English

The Way to Happiness – An Inspirational Video in Hindi

Impatience in Indian Youth

To invite Simerjeet to your organization, please visit – Motivational Speaker Mumbai


  1. Mr Simerjeet Singh, You are a great motivational speaker I must say. I like the way you present your thoughts with people and I really inspired by your thoughts. I like your technic to speak with people in the language they are closed with. I really appreciate you for your knowledge and for your thoughts. I wish you all the best in your future. Keep sharing your thoughts with us!

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