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  1. Neera Suresh

    Thankful to you that you addressed this issue. But what do you do about those kids who are indecisive about their futurue till the deadline is over. My daughter otherwise very decisive about singining does not want to pursue it professionally neither wants to study engineering and shes unsure what she wants to do further. She’s confused now- who will be able to remove her confusion- we the knowledge lacking desperate parents? the non existent career counselor? the school? who?or let time tell(by then the child blames the parents for not being able to guide)? but then there is this question about competitive exams or if not pre prepared one faces gap year which is not seen as a plus for getting hired in companies one needs to work in! There’s a lot about what goes in the parents mind and I am such a parent..Thanks once again

    • I can understand your dilemma. Actually a majority of kids are ‘indecisive’ when it comes to picking what’s right for them. That indecisiveness can stem from many factors such as fear of failure, lack of self belief, lack of role models, negative reinforcement by parents or peers etc. This haziness about the future is an essential part of growing up. And the since many new options have emerged, the confusion has increased as well.

      So you might have a situation where despite being aware of his/her talent, a child is not willing to go after it because that idea inside his/her mind had not received the nourishment YET. The road to the living one’s highest potential is not a straight one, one has goes through several peaks and valleys and wrong turns before finding one’s true north.

      Therefore, it’s not a one off process and parents have to partner with their young ones to help figure out what’s best. But remember, THEY must be the key influencers when it comes to choice making and it does involve risk but who says doing what everyone else is doing is not risky. Help you daughter tune into her real self and I’m sure she will gain clarity. God bless.

      • I have always faced that tinge of fear before starting to write the very first word of an article; before stepping into a new office on my first day of work; before putting the brush on paper, wondering which painting will come out. It’s important that the child knows that he/she has a talent that will ultimately quantify into something substantial – money/fame/worth. Comparisons are inevitable, but if the child is counseled and guided about his/her existing talents, it might be easier for them to decide – or at least, show an inclination. One more deterrent to a child’s decision-making is the pressure of expectations that parents push on them, that they HAVE to succeed. If a parent manages to assure the child that it’s okay to fail, and that there is always a new day, a new task and a new career to move into, it might ease the pressure.

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