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When Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur preferred a Non-Engineer as a keynote motivational speaker…

IIT campuses are never short of involvement and enthusiastic activity!

(occasionally even overwhelm!)

Orientation Programs at IITs are a grand affair and address all the issues that the freshmen are likely to face in their journey.

Youth Motivational Speaker

Keynote Speaker Simerjeet Singh with the student counselling team @ Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, 2104

Senior sophomores play a big role in assisting the counseling cell and ensure that they have a smooth transition to campus life after years of rigorous preparation.


Impressed by online evidence, they asked the decision makers if the orientation motivational speech could be delivered by SIMERJEET SINGH – instead of a celebrated technocrat!

(past speakers include Chetan Bhagat and distinguished IIT Alumni)

Simer, apart from inspiring all levels of the corporate world, has made a massive difference to students preparing for COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS in India – as these fresh IIT-ans did immediately before!

From schoolgoing teens to budding MBAs and to visionary entrepreneurs and CEOs, Simer has entered their hearts and stayed there!!!

Apparently, enough evidence of this was found by the senior students for their decision makers to consent.

So how did Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach Simerjeet connect with over 2,500 of India’s best and brightest minds (being a non IITian and Non- Engineer himself)?

Well, by narrating his life experiences, he built a bridge leading straight into the hearts and minds of this young and eager audience.

IIT Kanpur


What brought a couple of thousand new students to IIT in 2011?

(Or any other year?)


Their Dreams!


What brought an internationally successful Hotel-Management graduate turned well-known corporate leadership trainer & inspirational keynote speaker to excitedly aspiring youth at a TECHNO—Campus ??


HIS Dreams


How come, then, did Simerjeet’s audience connect so well that, AFTER THE HOUR WAS UP, AN eager UNOFFICIAL Q&A SESSION continued & continued for long ? ?

THE  ONE  BIG  LITTLE  ANSWER > The Synergy Of Purpose !

IITs have a purpose.

Each student has his own.

His future employers have theirs.

The world has its!

And having worked in harmony with numerous Nationalities, all ages from Senior Citizens to Schoolgoing Teens, Simerjeet has learnt to connect to what people want…

And align them better to receiving it!

And that was just the first stop – Motivation from minute one!

Though a pre-requisite for success, “Motivation without foundation can lead to frustration”

Well, the following facts remained –

1. IIT campuses are a different and far bigger life!

The more talented a freshman is, the more the risk of him scattering & diluting his energies —— he can do so many things well !

As already mentioned, activity, involvement (& often VARIETY OF opportunity) are in no lack here!

2. It is a tender time in a young life when one first sets foot on (and becomes part of) one of the most professional larger institutes in India & abroad.

Pitfall-ridden paths (and inexperienced travelers) call for good guidance.

Sights should be set right at the very beginning!

So –

1) Simer threw light on PRIORITIZATION & TIME-MANAGEMENT so that the students can squeeze out the maximum value from their IIT experience

2) He used his own life experiences (especially his mistakes) as a resource for his young friends to draw upon for guiding SIGNPOSTS TO FOLLOW!

Was the counseling body of sophomores glad they had recommended inviting Simerjeet?

You Bet!

About Simerjeet Singh

Motivational Speaker in Media

In a short span of 5 years, Simerjeet Singh has raised the bar for professional motivational speaking in India.

An inner calling to reach out and assist individuals and organizations realize their true potential; to add richness and value to their lives was the defining moment in his life; Ever since, Simerjeet has taken rapid strides and brought a whiff of freshness, intensity and honesty to the field of motivational speaking.

He is considered as one of India’s top keynote motivational speakers. His clients in India, South East Asia and Middle East consist of the region’s leading companies, educational institutes and not-for-profit organizations who are looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker who can inspire their audience to take their life to the next level of success.

To invite Simerjeet to inspire your team, visit us online at

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