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Simer Shines with Social Entrepreneurs and Healthcare Professionals

Simerjit with Entrepreneurs

Audiences have always been Simerjeet’s personal motivation bank, but ones that have already dared to tread the road less trodden are something else!

If his clients Glocal Healthcare call themselves a DREAM; then this certainly was Simerjeet’s DREAM audience!

A dedicated, ambitious group of individuals; driven by their passion to make a difference in the lives of millions of Indians who are deprived of quality healthcare.

They form those heartening moments that buttress the convictions he has built his uncommon career upon; spurring him to more of the same!

Even amidst all the win-lose narrowness around, a group of social entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector have been actually generating healthy revenues and bringing world class health care to relatively remote / suburban Eastern India and with the vision of a nationwide presence.

“Glocal is a dream.” says their website (

“Glocal dream is to create a HealthCare Delivery System that is universally available, acceptable and affordable. We want to create hospitals that will deliver the kind of healthcare that we want for ourselves. A perfect healthcare system is one where everything is evidence based, transparent stringent on quality, acceptable from everywhere and should not cost your arm or leg. We are trying to create such a system. Hopefully in the next 6 years we will be in every district of the country.”


What if the momentum fritters away?

What if ‘Chalta Hai’ replaces quality and commitment?

What if ‘It’s not my job’ replaces ‘It was my responsibility’?

What if innovation and ideation lose their way in the arid sands of head habit?

What if silos and egos replace teamwork?

What if the soul of it all takes a backseat?


Besides, as their chief people officer Gautam Chowdhury says, “Healthcare is a very people centric industry and keeping them motivated and focused is very important for achieving our objective”

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Kolkata commissioned SIMERJEET SINGH to protect and fuel the momentum of their team.

He certainly did – through his inspiring and heart touching keynote address — at their Annual General Meeting in Durgapur, W. Bengal!

In attendance were the core leadership team (CEO Dr. Sabahat S Azim – Chief Executive Officer, COO, Chief Planning Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Technology Officer)Heads of departments, Senior medical experts, Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists and even a few front-desk persons.

He left them reconnected to the Purpose that spawned The Birth of their organization; and to their search for meaning in life and values that can help them continue to be the change leaders in the healthcare segment.


Along the way,  he shared a few concepts that emerged as particularly relevant to professional healthcare – Sense of Pride and commitment, Going the extra mile for patients (small things make a BIG difference in this profession), Dedication and Responsibility, A passion for Excellence and finally based on Dr. Viktor Frankl’s work, the search for meaning in life.

Simerjeet drew upon a variety of personal experiences and stories that the audience could relate to. The goal was initiating self-reflection. He did that and much more!

A big fan of Dr. Viktor Frankl’s work , Simerjeet shared with the audience Dr. Frank’s famous quote on service and success – “…success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself …”

In the space of an hour, Glocal Healthcare CEO Dr Azeem and his close-knit team found their fires rekindled; their spirits upbeat but their feet firmly on the ground.

Their momentum was ensured to continue!

Long may the success story continue was Simerjeet’s silent prayer when he bid farewell to this amazing group of people.

Later, Mr. Gautam Chowdhury, ( ), Chief People’s Officer, Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited, summed up his experience –  

“We are a healthcare company setting up a chain of small Hospitals providing primary and secondary care in the rural areas.  Healthcare is a very people centric industry and keeping them motivated and focused is very important for achieving your objective. We had Simerjeet speaking at our Annual Conference. The audience had a large cross section of employees from reputed Doctors to Technicians, Pharmacists and Receptionists.

Simerjeet enthralled the audience with his unique style. His session was very useful and was much appreciated. We look forward to having him again with us.”

To invite Simerjeet to inspire your team, visit us at 

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