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CELEBRATE; DON’T STAGNATE – Simerjeet’s tells top brass of a brilliant MNC

UAE Exchange

This post shall be briefer —- the headline has revealed half the success story!

Talking of success stories, Simerjeet’s clients, UAE EXCHANGE, certainly are one !

Here’s a brief of their stellar success journey– “UAE Exchange (head quartered in Abu Dhabi) is a leading global money transfer and foreign exchange brand trusted by millions of customers and partners, across the world. A people’s brand, we are known for our quality and customer-centric approach. Started over 30 years ago, our consistent world class service has earned the trust of over 3.5 million customers, worldwide. With 600+ direct offices in 30 countries across five continents make us the only brand in the segment to own a global network of this magnitude. Our correspondent banking relationship with over 150 global banks adds to this strength.”

(Source –

This was an exciting opportunity for Simerjeet to address the top global leadership team of an organization which is “reckoned as the next generation people to people company”.  Among those present in the audience were the global HQ Core Team (COO, CIO, CFO, VPs – HR, Global Ops, Dealing, Business Development) and Country Heads of over 30 countries in which UAE Exchange has its direct operations.

And they certainly do live up to their values. As is evident from their inspiring mission statement, staying ahead is the foundation of their philosophy!

Mission Statement“To stay ahead of the times in providing customer friendly, value added services with warmth; fulfill the aspirations pf the employees; create sustained growth in revenue and profits; serve the society and flourish in an environment of mutual trust and transparency” 

They understand and meet widely varying needs for financial services across continents and across a rich diversity of clientele.

Money-Changing remains the flagship, but they are not limited to it.


Simerjeet at HyattThat’s Where Simerjeet Comes In


(Nothing Succeeds & Nothing Fails Like Success)

At a pleasant location in Southern India, in their GLOBAL LEADERSHIP MEET, Simer secured onto every attending head – pretty much the top storey of their hierarchy – the protective helmet of ALWAYS REMAINING APPROPRIATELY CHALLENGED (which, as  Professor of Psychology at Harvard University Dan Gilbert has revealed, IS WHEN WE ARE HAPPIEST).

This audience was one that had already made it happen.

How much easier it is, for them then, to forget that they have to keep making it happen!

And how does one do that?

How does one keep making it happen on the accelerating global corporate treadmill?

In Simerjeet’s opinion, in this keynote address, one does it by- 

Embracing Change and asking Why and Why not frequently.

Continuously relooking at one’s processes and strategy.

Never presuming that the past is guaranteed to repeat itself forever and ever,

By frequently exploring the unfamiliar, taking risks, making mistakes or as Facebook Founder Zuckerberg puts it, by ‘moving fast and breaking things’.

And by

Leading change by example!

For leaders, one enemy may be living pretty near!

Even if not a sycophant, he is an undiscerning, UNCONDITIONAL admirer.

Reality checks are only possible when one’s feet are firmly on the ground and when Leaders are open to feedback. As the leadership coach Ken Blanchard says, “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” – Success-minded people tend not to resist such inputs!

This interactive keynote session was customized by Simerjeet to meet the clients needs and to align with the overall objective of the leadership retreat. In fact, Simerjeet’s message resonated so well with the participants that Promoth Manghat, VP – Global Operations later mentioned that he felt as if Simerjeet had been present all through the conference and meetings understanding the challenges and strengths of the organization. Here are some excerpts from that session –

The session was a great success. Simerjeet shared great rapport with the audience and 90 minutes later, UAE exchange COO Mr. Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty (COO – Global Operations at UAE Exchange) declared that this was one of the best sessions THEY HAD EVER HAD SO FAR!

To invite Simerjeet to deliver a motivational keynote speech to your team, visit us at

Also have a look at this presentation that we created to help you understand what it’s all about –

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