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Students of Management touchdown on Mother Earth!

Management educators, to their credit, are increasingly realizing the need to link the classroom to the world beyond!

 The Center for Management Studies – Jain University, Bangalore decided to do that right from the roots – at the orientation seminar of their latest MBA and BBA batches!

Simerjeet - Motivational Speaker India

They invited Simerjeet Singh, perhaps the most practical inspirational keynote speaker from the corporate world – to set the focus right.

As is his wont, Simerjeet leveraged the lessons of his own journey as a success-seeker, right from his days as a student in IHM Chandigarh and then as a graduate student in the Hotel School, Sydney and a decade of global work experience upto his present status as a leading motivational speaker and a Youth Coach!

Good and bad management was explained through examples of his own mistakes. And he went beyond that by bringing the outside world into the auditorium through a clever simulation —– Students experienced how building bridges with others made business wheels go around AND THAT it could begin right there —– with each other in college !

This got the students excited; questions came like a flood.

Simerjeet got to explain WHAT THE CORPORATE WORLD NEEDS (especially how that was a lot different from what academic success requires) His structure (though flexible) was made to compel THINKING & RETHINKING !

One could see and feel the energy in the hall change.

An area students found particularly eye-opening was COMMUNICATION. Being judgmental clogs communication. Clogged communication is an intangible cost. The young would-be managers were all agog when they realized how so!

Two Simerjeet-hours later, every 1st-year admittee (BBA and MBA) had a defogged and demystified vision of the future they should expect as management professionals.

CMS – (Centre For Management Studies —Jain University) had  broken new ground with their newest batch !

In the words of the Center Head – JU – CMS – Mr. Dinesh N. Simerjeet’s motivational session for the students was “remarkably encouraging to young students on the threshold of college life”.

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