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Demo Videos of International Youth Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh

Motivational Speaker Simer

In this video show reel of various live speeches by India’s leading Youth Motivational Speaker, we will share with you 7 reasons why you should consider inviting him to interact with your students and teachers. 

Simerjeet Singh is an International Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach who is acclaimed and sought after across cultures and countries, working, by choice, with those who need him more — students!

Simerjeet has spent thousands of hours inspiring young students to discover their strengths and to achieve their highest potential. As a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, he uses thought provoking questions to send his audience on a quest of self discovery.

His well structured and thoroughly researched workshops are brought to life with examples of Heroes from day to day life who have risen through sheer grit and will power and who have conquered the world with the power of their imagination and the magic of their persistence.

His custom designed workshops for students such as ‘Celebrating ME!’, Dream Dare Do!, Living the Law of Attraction, Winning with People, Stop Whining – Start Winning and talks on topics such as Leadership and Entrepreneurship have enabled thousands of young students to discover their hidden strengths and start a journey of self actualization.

These workshops are a paradigm shift for the students and then for the organizers. The testimonials and reflections clearly show the transformation the participants go through.

The energy in the room, the enthusiasm, the resounding laughter is infectious and engraves the lessons learnt deep in their hearts.

Simerjeet’s mission is to light a fire inside young minds, to help them unleash the power of their imagination and to put them in touch with their real and POWERFUL Self…
Learn More at

To invite Simerjeet to interact with your students or teachers, give us a call today @+9216229268 or visit us online at 


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