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Five reasons why people do not succeed with their diet and fitness Goals

Marshall Goldsmith writes in his book ‘ What got you Here Won’t get you There‘ about the his study of research on goal-setting and goal achievement – “lot of it centers on diet and fitness because (a) there’s a huge population of people interested in such goals (b) it’s easy to measure, and (c) with record numbers of Americans either obese or out of shape, there’s a huge (and compelling) history of failure in this area.

The Five Factors of Failure that Marshall outlines are as follows –

1) Time – It takes a lot longer than estimated. People find that they don’t have the time that they need to pursue these goals

2) Effort– It’s harder than anticipated. It doesn’t ‘feel’ worth the effort

3) Distractions– People didn’t account for all the daily firefighting and recurring crises that will demand their attention

4) Rewards (Or rather lack of) – People don’t get immediate public approval or appreciation and that puts a damper on their spirits.

5) Mainteinance – People didn’t account for the effort it will take to stay in shape and “they slowly backslide or give up completely.”

I think these reasons hold good for the failure of achieving goals in other aspects of our life as well 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

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